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 sG. Surreal God, 1st annoucement

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PostSubject: sG. Surreal God, 1st annoucement   2010-08-05, 9:51 pm

So this is our new clan, most of you know about it, im pretty sure.
I bet about 75% of the people here got banned from sS forum, anyways, welcome y'all, and chill out with us.

People might ask the progress of new servers, we're working on it, hopefully when we're ready to host it out, and the servers are gonna be having way better reg than the servers we used to play in. Hopefully we will get at least 3-5 servers to start with
One thing you can really help is to click the donation button at the main page, so we get money to rent the 1st box, we need about $80 now, and you're going to get admin as reward, please talk to one of the owners/leaders if you're in interested.

Addition, people who wants to bitch at me cause they heard I betrayed someone, screw yourself cause you're retarded to hear from one side, I'm not gonna respond or anything, I can tell you I did nothing wrong, tired from talking to dumb asses.
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sG. Surreal God, 1st annoucement
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