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PostSubject: sG.Staffs   2010-08-05, 10:44 pm

We're looking for staff that can help us manage the clan and report back to us the status of the morale, how members feel about changes made or ones that are about to come, etc... Some other things we would like from our staff are their suggestions and opinions on what we can do to improve the experience of the gamers on our servers. The staff is the voice of our clan.

To apply, just make your own topic and use the below format.

Ingame name:
(Optional if you have steam)
Steam Account / Profile Link:
(For people to add you on steam)
How long have you been in sG.?:
Why do you think you are a good candidate for a spot on staff?:
Reason for wanting to join staff:

*1)Owner, Leaders, Co-Leaders are automadically staff
*2)Graphic Staff is different than Staff
*3)After you get accepted or declined, post will be locked
*4)The Owners+Leaders will have a meeting once there's an app for staff to vote for accepting or declining.
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