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 Staff. PurpleHaze

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Join date : 2010-08-05
Age : 26

PostSubject: Staff. PurpleHaze   2010-08-06, 8:07 am

InGame Name: sG.PurpleHaze

Age: 18

Country: USA

Email: coreyb77@live.com

MSN: coreyb77@live.com


SteamID: Unknown At The Moment

How long have you been in sG.?: 4 - 5 Days

Why do you think you are a good candidate for a spot on staff?: Anyone can come to me for advice or any problems they need to hande. Im overall a Good guy. =) which i think the clan leaders and co-leaders already know. =)

Reason for wanting to join staff: ^
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Staff. PurpleHaze
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