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 ThuG iS GoinG 4 iT ......

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PostSubject: ThuG iS GoinG 4 iT ......   2010-08-07, 7:55 pm

Ingame name: THUG_LIFE
Age: 19
Country: saudi arabia
Email: thug4life242@hotmail.com
IP: i wonder ......
How long have you been in sG. ?

Hmmm..... 3 Day's

Why do you think you are a good candidate for a spot on staff ?

i dont Think i Am the Best 4 That BUT i Think i handle that 4 KNowin the alote of stuff on commanding & StuFf .... and 4 BElivin in Changin 2 THe BesT ( i Can make THat Happen 0 With a HElp fRom All Ya)
since The Clan in Fresh neeD some PPl got heRE 24/7 like 4 The StaRt ... and as i CAn See We have littal ppl With enough eXperince here * NO DissREspect 4 the Other's * But i am Talking About the COmandinG & knowin aLl the ADMin's RulZ & HAndlinG the SErvER starting from ADmin shIt 2 THe WEb activation

* AGAIN * : not THe BEst BuT TryinG 2 BE


Reason for wanting to join staff:

NothinG Els .....

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ThuG iS GoinG 4 iT ......
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