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 Admin AMXX Command

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PostSubject: Admin AMXX Command   2010-08-09, 2:39 pm

Commands AMX Mod:
*1)Not having every single one of them.
*2)Some of them are not as common used, mostly used are only a few of them

amx_kick <name or #userid> [reason] - Kicks a player from the server.
amx_ban <name or #userid> [reason] - Bani a player from the server.
amx_addban <authid or ip> <minutes> [reason] - Adds a User to the list of banned from the server.
amx_unban <authid or ip> - Forgive a player banned from this server.
amx_slay <name or #userid> - Give a slap to a player.
amx_slap <name or #userid> [damage] - Slaps a player in accordance with the damage.
amx_leave <tag> [tag1] [tag2] - Kicks all players who do not have these tags on the server.
amx_pause - Pause or resume the game.
amx_who - Displays who is on the server.
amx_cvar <cvar> [value] - Change or display the value of the cvar.
amx_map <nomedomapa> - Changes the map.
amx_cfg <filename> - Execute a configuration file.
amx_plugins - Lists all loaded plugins.
amx_modules - Lists all loaded modules.
amx_nick - Change the name of a person.
amx_exec - Exec something for a person.
amx_last - Check the info of the last 10 people that have just left the server.

amx_say <message> - Sends a message to all users.
amx_chat <message> - Sends a message to all users.
amx_psay <name or #userid> <message> - Send a private message to the player.
amx_tsay <color> <message> - Sends a message to all players in the left corner.
amx_csay <color> <message> - Sends a message to all players at the center.

Addition to COMMANDS CHAT, psay,tsay, csay is the HUD messages at the screen
Before you type the message out, add "@" or "@@" or "@@@" in front of your sentences, there will be messages on your screen from left/upper/bottom.
After the "@" sign, you can add r/c/b/y/o/g/m for diff colors.

Admin private chat
Team Speak, add the "@" at front, which looks like
say_team:@ blah blah blah

amx_votekick <name or #userid> - Starts a vote to expel a player.
amx_voteban <name or #userid> - Starts a vote to ban a player.
amx_vote <question> <answer1> <answer2> - Starts a vote either.
amx_cancelvote - Cancel the last poll in progress.

/hp - Displays information about the player that killed him.
/statsme - Displays your stats.
/stats - Displays the statistics of other players.
/top15 - Shows the TOP15 server.
/rank - Displays placed on the server.

nextmap - Displays the next map to be played.
timeleft - Display the remaining time of the map.
thetime - displays the current time.

amx_glow - Glow a person
amx_glow2 - Glow a person, last forever (Map change or disconnecting will make it removed)
amx_gag - Gag a person

#And many other commands, type in "/supermenu" at chat can use most of the super power.

However doing all these commands in the console are so much work to do, so here's the thing
Go to console, and bind a key for the command "amxmodmenu"
bind "key" "amxmodmenu"
In the menu, you can do slap, slay, ban, vote map, change level, etc. Useful menu. Those commands in the above can be ignored if you use this menu instead.

This amx_ban do not really ban you by the real time, it bans you by your nick, people can just come back because of bugs, this command is a bad ban.
You need to ban a person? do amx_banip
Usage: amx_banip <name or #userid> <minutes> [reason]
AND REMEMBER, DO NOT DO 0 minutes (PERM BAN.) It doesn't works too.
People can just come back in a few hours.
So DO 9999999 Minutes, this is considering as perm ban!

Want to ban a person that has just left the server?
Check the IP/STEAM ID of them by using the command amx_last (only can see the last 10, map changes will lose data)
There will be their IP and STEAM ID Listed.
Use the command amx_addban to add them in the ban list.

Typing "status" in console can list out all the people that's on server, and there are the info of theirs.
STEAM ID is in there too.

Pressing R can use admin ESP.

Using slap, slay, kick, ban for Mic spammer, Spawn campers, Nade spammers, Not respecting admins' player, is allowed.
But it's not allowed to abuse it.

You need to do at least 2-3 Warnings before you do any actions.
Times could be change depends on how bad it is

For mic spammer
-Tell them to stop for at least twice
-If none of the super admins are here to gag them
-1st time kick
-2nd time 15 minutes ban
-3rd time go up to 1 day
*If you remember this person keeps on mic spamming , think about longer time like 3 days.

For spawn camper/Nade spammer
-Tell them to stop for at least 2-3 times
-If they're not going to stop
-1st time slap to see if they're going to move, if not, slay
-2nd time, if they're still camping spawn, slay
-3rd time, kick
-4th time, ban for 5 mins
*After that if you still see them spawn camps, do 10/15/30/60/more

For those players that not respecting admins
You can do a ban, but not longer than 1 hour

*Important that you need to know if they're joking or not
*Do not abuse your admin power
*Warn them nicely and try to stop them before you do the ban
example: "Please stop talking trash about admins" "If you don't stop talking trash, we've the right to ban you to make you stop"
bad example: "Respect me bitch, im the admin, want to get banned?"
yes you're an admin, but by how you talk, you're making them to talk more trash about you, and making people hates the server because of bad admins.

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Admin AMXX Command
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