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 RCON commands

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PostSubject: RCON commands   2010-08-09, 2:43 pm

Not useful on our servers but for scrim servers

rcon_password [rcon password]
To execute a Rcon command, you must first put your password in from your console like this:

rcon kick [player name or STEAM id]
To kick a player

rcon ban [player name or STEAM id]
To ban a player

rcon mp_timelimit
Change the map timelimit

rcon sv_password [server password]
Sets the default password for a private server

rcon exec [config file name]
Exectute any configurations that you have saved in a file

rcon mp_timelimit [amount of time in minutes]
Map time limit

rcon mp_autokick 0/1
Autokicks an idling person 1 is on, 0 is off

rcon mp_autoteambalance
Trys to even the number of people on each team

rcon mp_flashlight 0/1
Allows the use of flashlight in the server. client side a key needs to be bound to impulse 101

rcon mp_footsteps 0/1
Turns footsteps on

rcon mp_friendlyfire 0/1
Toggles friendly fire

rcon sv_maxspeed 320
Maximum speed a player can move

rcon allow_spectators 0/1
Determines whether spectators are allowed

rcon sv_voiceenable 0/1
Allows clents to use mic

rcon sv_alltalk 0/1
Toggles team only or entire server mic chat
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RCON commands
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