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 Rules about banning hackers, Admins please read.

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PostSubject: Rules about banning hackers, Admins please read.   2010-08-09, 2:47 pm

ONLY OWNERS, LEADERS AND CO-LEADERS CAN ban a hacker that's a member of sG. Be sure the person that you banned is in sG or not, which keep track on the member list

What if I'm only an admin and there's a sG member that's hacking?
DO a DEMO, then you can ban.
After you've done the banning, after gaming or so, upload the demo in some host places and then post it at demo collection thread at here.

If you didn't take a demo that proves this member is hacking and you banned this person, it might cause your admin taken away.

Also, DO NOT ACCUSE SOMEONE'S HACKING except you're 85%-100% sure.
I've seen this for so many times, saying someone might be hacking DOES NOT HELP FOR BANNING A HACKER.
A hacker that isn't dumb can see your text and just toggle, be a smart admin.
If you aren't sure, use admin secret chat, admins can discuss together.

Furthermore, DON'T EVER JUDGES FAST, another thing that I've seen so many times, that causes so many wrong banning and guess who has to deal with these things? Owners, Leaders, Co-Leaders have to, let us deal with less stuff, thank you.
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Rules about banning hackers, Admins please read.
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