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 Getting STEAM!

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PostSubject: Getting STEAM!   2010-08-09, 3:00 pm

This post is mostly for non-steamer, you can still read this for finding out ways to contact the owners/leaders/co-leaders/staffs.
We might have meetings or so, furthermore, you can always ask us when you have problems, that's why steam is just useful.

First step:
Go to this site: http://store.steampowered.com/

Second step:
Click on:
Than you'll start to download steam.

Third step:
By the time you're downloading steam, at upper right corner, click Login
When you're in this page, you'll see SIGN IN OR JOIN STEAM NOW
Of course, you're new to steam, click Join Steam
Fill in ALL the information and click Create My Account
You'll have you steam account ready, by the time you're finished to create an account, your steam is sure going to be finished downloading because it's only 1.5 Mbs.

Fourth step:
Install steam.
When you're done, you can open up steam and go add friends, that way, when we have a meeting, you can use the steam chat, to participate the meeting!

After you get steam, ADD LEADERS/CO-LDRS/STAFFS! We'll be the ones who invite you into the group chat.
(Try to search them by nick!)

In-game name - Steam account
lolz`MSG - ahming94




Also, this post shows how you can contact us as well.
Click here.

Join our sG. steam group!
You can find people to add here too.

P.S. I've heard people saying for the free steam, you can only add 3 - 4 people for most. In that case, you could ask people to add you from game, or reply here.

If you have any trouble, please reply and we'll answer your questions.
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Posts : 33
Join date : 2010-08-05

PostSubject: How to add friends on steam WITHOUT Buying games.   2010-08-09, 3:14 pm

How to add friends on steam WITHOUT Buying games.
Got it from my friend, lunchbox, some people already used it and work well.

Ok, So many people can't or don't want to buy steam games... I've a solution


1. Go to this address http://f43b0936.linkbucks.com/

2. Create an account with a valid email address (check your emails to activate the account once the registration is completed) : MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNK.

3. Log in to your newly created Account.

4.Go to this address:

5. If it tells you "This service is for Polish users only", Just keep on refreshing the page.

5. You get the following message after refreshing the page several times:
"Numer do gry Speed Ball 2 City wys?any zosta? na address ****gmail.com."

6. Watch your emails and you should have received a Key 100% valid for Speedball 2 - Tournament. : CHECK YOUR JUNK

7. Log in to steam to enter your key and enjoy.

This is NOT Fake, I tried it like 5 times with different mails and it worked perfectly..

You'll get a CD-Key to a game called "Super Ball 2: Tournament", It's not a good game to be honest.. But when you get it, you can add friends..

P.S. That game costs actually $19.99 on Steam
P.S.S. Sorry for my english :/

Have fun,
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Getting STEAM!
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