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 Bhop+LJ Tutorial

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PostSubject: Bhop+LJ Tutorial   2010-08-09, 3:20 pm

Here is a good video that is made by Xtreme-jumps.eu Qnet.: #Xtreme-jumps

Xtreme Jump is the official jumping site, and people joined the jump mod team are hella good. video made by them are mostly insane
(I am not really sure about if there is the team, but these people are really good at jump mod)
Official site:
Have photos and other stuff to tell you shortcut for bhop maps, kz maps(it practice your climbing speed, include bhop,U jump, Long jump.)
and of course, there are other guides

When you Bhop, be sure to change the key setting, of having your wheel set as "jump" so when you scroll down, it's jumping.
Using space bar to bhop is near impossible, well not if you're using script, which is for noobs.

Since the server has multi jump, if you're bhoping in the air, and when you're finish for the fourth jump, you can keep bhoping with touching the ground once, easy thing if you know how to bhop.

Furthermore, if you want to watch more bhop tutorial videos, search "bhop tutorial" in youtube, type "how to bhop in cs1.6" is mostly useless since those videos in result is bad.

Long Jump tutorial videos:

If you really wanna learn long jump, go jump mod servers, find a big one, which there are many people that can teach you.
First learn to do strafe once,(as you see in the videos, many of em shake like 3-5 times, but they're old for lj[long jump short term])
when you can strafe once, and your distance of it is 235-240. start to learn 2-3 strafe.
Some people do not practice 2, it's harder to get a good score, so they just jump to 3 strafe
Practice with 3 strafe, when you can get distance more than 243-246, you can start to learn 4,5,6 etc
I saw people jumped 250 distance with strafe 5
Long jump is useful for some places when you're in a classic server,
example: de_nuke base, near the t spawn one
if the server doesnt gets multi jump, than long jump can get up there
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Bhop+LJ Tutorial
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