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PostSubject: DONATIONS   2010-08-10, 7:01 pm

First off I want to say sorry for the delay on our servers. We currently have a very nice box sitting in TX as we speak but we are a bit short on paying the bill to get it back online... Anything will help far as donations go to get the box back online... We will have 5 servers to start with once all donations have been made... On the home page of our forums under the chatbox we have a "donate" button you can make donations to. Please make a note on who you are that way we can reward you with admin or pay you back in the near future... Your call. Again any small/big donations will help. Thanks for ALL your support and interest in our community. Hope to see you ALL soon in our servers...

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PostSubject: Re: DONATIONS   2010-08-10, 8:36 pm

I'll put $70 into it. Come on people the more we donate the faster things can get started.
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