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 sG.Graphic Staff

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PostSubject: sG.Graphic Staff   2010-08-05, 10:38 pm

We're looking for a graphics staff that is good with photo-shopping.
The graphics staff will make banners, logos, and siggys for people if they feel it, along with some other stuff.

We're taking anyone and everyone that has good skills with graphic effects, or more commonly referred to as "Leet Photo-shop Skills".
All you need to join is good skills with photo-shop, and dedication to improving our community, one picture at a time.

If your interested in joining, reply here, and include some links to your work so I can see if you have what it takes to be a part of the Graphics Staff.

Spots are open. Post here if your interested!

sG.Graphic staffs:

*1)Replies that's not about applying will get the post deleted
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sG.Graphic Staff
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